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I see you.

Let's explore your story so you can reclaim your voice, focus your power, and live your purpose. Whether you're redesigning your website, updating your curriculum, changing your career, or unsure of what's next, I love adding a spark to ignite your journey.

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Here's what clients are saying...

"With Molly, no topic is too taboo, no expression too far fetched, no emotion is inappropriate...she gets it, and holds space for all of it. She inquires with such precision, and reflects with an intuitive clarity, that "coach" alone cannot define her wisdom & expertise. Molly’s guidance helped me quickly move through shame and fear to easily and excitedly create the vision of the project we were discussing. I left feeling empowered, energized, and galvanized to move forward with the next steps. Thank you Molly!" -Lisa D.

​"My goal working with Molly was to enhance my team building / interaction skills and to figure out how to better manage my time and aspirations. Molly gave me good concrete suggestions on how to work with team members in a way that corresponded with my personality and values. She helped me break down projects into steps that were manageable and not overwhelming. She encouraged me to write my personal story regarding why I was doing the work I was engaged in and that was very helpful for reaching clarity. Molly's personality is very warm and supportive and I always felt uplifted after our session. I recommended Molly to a friend who was struggling with work issues and my friend also found Molly very helpful." -Patricia C.

"I'm a mom with two young children who's trying to find the balance between feeling successful as a mom and also "feeding the essential me!" What I mean by that is, giving myself permission to feed my passion and find the "spark" that my work gives me. It's a balancing act. I also have aging parents who require a lot of help. At times, it is difficult being a caregiver. Roles reverse as we age and it can be both heartbreaking and rewarding to find yourself in that position. I made the decision to work with Molly because I needed help finding the best version of myself. I also needed support with finding more balance in my life. In my mind, Molly is a guide rather than a coach. She is empathetic and intuitive. Molly guides you toward your own truth. It's empowering working with Molly because she ushers you towards what you already know to be true. She works with intuitive techniques and always with compassion and grace. Working with Molly always makes me feel more grounded and in my body. After a session with Molly, I feel "lighter" and less anxious. I gain more clarity working with Molly." -Laurie K.

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