Molly's (in progress) Manifesto

I stand for the sound that only your voice can make and believe in the power of raising our voices together.

I am a catalyst for connection and I uphold the crucial role of story in our lives; using it to make meaning as we reclaim our power and purpose.

I crave aliveness. I bring curiosity and hope to our conversation. Because I care deeply about the things we create in the space between us. 

I bring people together in creative, authentic and brave ways. 
I celebrate all of us, in the full range of our expression; from shame to elation. I am here to help us re-member kindness, community, and support.

I stand for the part of you that yearns for more but isn’t sure you have the strength, knowledge, or ability to reach for it. I celebrate who you are - right now - and your capacity to stretch and grow. I trust that your inner knowing is the only compass you’ll need on this path to your purpose.

Heart fluttering in anticipation of the opportunity to connect with you...