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Think before you speak.

A familiar saying that reminds us to take care when choosing our words.

But what if you’re a verbal processor?

You might be a verbal processor if you:

  • need to speak to clarify your thoughts

  • develop ideas by talking about them

  • like to brainstorm possible paths before proposing a solution

Do you ever just want to talk-it-out, but your partner, family or friends aren't available or willing to listen?

Do you start to talk-things-through only to get interrupted and asked to cut to the chase?

Or are you afraid to take space? Maybe you're shy or you feel like it’s rude to take the time and attention required for you to work it out?

Everyone needs to be heard. Verbal processors in particular must make space for our natural need to talk-it-out.

I know. Because I'm one, too.

I don't need advice. I need someone to listen as I get it out of my head and in front of another person to sort it out. It’s then that I can talk my way, not always to an answer, but to the path forward.

That's why I deeply value this talk-it-out-experience and want to share it with YOU.

When you and I connect in the container of a coaching relationship, that’s where we’ll start, you wise, verbal, externalizer! Together we'll dedicate the time, space and focused attention to encourage your knowing to emerge.

You'll have full, guilt-free permission to put the focus 100% on YOU while I...

  • Hold judgement-free space for you to let it all hang out. **Your messiness IS your magic, amazing human!**

  • Listen for and reflect themes and patterns so you don’t have to hold it all in your head.

  • Help bring you back into focus when you lose track.

  • Offer powerful questions to reveal subconscious connections.

  • Illuminate blind spots to help you get unstuck from painful patterns.

  • Introduce tools to tap into your instincts, scavenging for somatic answers (the booty buried in your body).

  • Inspire curiosity and reinvigorate your enthusiasm for moving toward what you long for.

The world needs more people connected to their knowing. Taking action from instinct. Less judgement and more appreciation for how we've each been uniquely designed to operate.

Let's get messy and make some magic together. Let's co-create a place where you don't have to think before you speak.

Curious about how we might work together? Book a free connection session and let's explore what's possible.

And join us at an upcoming STORY event where we celebrate our individuality, play with imperfection, and connect with other kind and brave humans.


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