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STORY July 2019 Reflections

Since we saw each other at the July STORY event...

I catch myself as I start to run my hands through my hair. It’s not there. I think of all the habits I practice. And I’m excited to have the visual reminder that uncomfortable things disrupt habits and train our system to be a little more comfortable with discomfort.

Here are the three Ds I mentioned in the STORY intro this month. Delegate. Discern. Desire. They’re best practiced in the opposite order, I’m learning.

  • We can’t delegate until we know what’s important, have a clear vision of what we desire...

  • and discern what is ours to own and where we’re inspired to share the responsibility for making the magic we crave...

  • and to truly delegate we must trust and let go of our attachment to the outcome.

I didn’t plan the Three Ds ahead of time. Those words happened to me, came together in a triad, in front of you, in the moment. How long had they been bubbling and percolating in the liminal space between the actual ideas and dilemmas and distractions that crowd my frontal lobe? Weeks, months, years maybe. But I hadn’t connected them until I stood up, in front of you, dear ones. Until I stood up and started speaking into the space that exists between us.

I’m learning that’s a key ingredient for Molly making magical moments. More tapping into my desire, using keen discernment, delegating to (and collaborating with) capable people I trust, and then I must leap... a purposeful, vulnerable and brave leap.

And you? How much of your magic is made in your mind and how much of it happens when you create the conditions for connection? What’s the recipe for your brave and beautiful life? Seriously. Tell me. Share it! Leave a quick comment on Facebook or Instagram and let’s start talking about this stuff more often.


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