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STORY February 13th Re-cap

Miss us already? Here's a February STORY recap - with links for your clicking pleasure!

In February, nine story-sharers were supported by the perfect combination of familiar faces and, to my delight, a few first-timers, some of whom I've known for a million years and surprised me with a STORY visit. Here's a re-cap of the line-up:

  • Mike posed the question: does enlightenment happen in an instant or over time? What are our wake-up calls?

  • Katie read excerpts from her book Urban Playground. Your pre-orders will count toward a book's first week of sales and here's why that's important.

  • Vicki told a story that needed to be told, even though she didn't want to tell it. The next day she reported feeling the shift that the telling creates in us...

  • Andrea blessed us with a reflection of her mom, a song and a poem that opened our hearts as she so expertly does.

  • Michael brought the past and future, anchor imagery and a reminder to love! Did you know he wrote a book?

  • Darcy continued exploring the theme that within every experience lives the "good and the bad, the best and the worst" and shared with us her talents for manifesting within a story of her "terrible" crush on Robert DeNiro...

  • Susan shared her hope and struggle with funding Women's Centers InternationalKat shared how similar it is, climbing and coaching... and had us shake our 80's dance moves!

  • Dana surprised us and sang us a lullaby as an ending...

Thanks to everyone who joined us in person and those of you who are following STORY from afar. I'm always eager to understand how you would describe this experiment in connection. Email and let me know what STORY means to you.


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