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STORY 3/25 Highlights

Shout out to having at least three of your mothers and one father in the group with us last night! How appropriate given the themes that emerged.

At Connection Camp last month we'd sometimes use archetype cards as writing prompts. One day, in one draw, I pulled two of the three archetype cards above, so we decided to use the triple goddess as a writing prompt. Wendy's story last night was born from that exercise and set the stage for a night of celebrating all the parts of us.

Michelle's story-within-a-story demonstrated the unwavering persistence of a mother's love, a son who walked all night to find her, and a universe that is determined to offer safety and protection along her journey.

As an interlude, dena shared a Nigerian song from a mother to her unborn child. You can always find her STORY playlist on Spotify.

Last night was Linda's first time sharing at STORY and she took us on a joyous ride that spanned 22 years and 5362.2 miles. We learned about lidos ("like relationships, the hardest parts are getting in and out") and laughing rules. Did you know, bun-holes can fill with rain, and rain-wine is best drunk with friends? Cold and costumed, it appears Linda is connecting wherever she goes... but don't worry, she's wearing a mask!

Lisa produces prolific and profound poetry. Her enigmatic enthusiasm entrances and each encounter enchants. Linda described her as a "word magician" and it's true! Reflecting her transition from SF to Sonoma, these two poems each captured the spirit of the place from which they bloomed.

This morning, I went through the archetype deck to find the maiden, mother, and crone cards... and the mother card was missing! In my search for the mother, I spread the cards out on the rug and started to see other relationships that wanted to be included in the conversation. Suddenly the orphan had a place in the spread. And without the mother card, the creator stepped in. I could feel the spectrum from seed to self. There was an acknowledgment that nurturing always happens within the context of the village. As I continued to turn the cards, again and again, seeing new relationships and meanings, she appeared. Stuck behind another card. I hadn't seen her, but she'd been there all along.


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