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STORY 3/11 Highlights

Boxes inside of boxes and it feels like I'm still unwrapping, hours later. And then I get a text from Catherine with this sketch!

She's a visual storyteller and sometimes will surprise me with what she's been doodling during the stories. Click the image above to see more of her work.

Wow. So many talented badasses in our community. Among them our brave story-sharers Anna, Ellen, Darcy, Faith, and dena. Thanks to all of you who filled the room last night and held space for the range of our humanness; from joy to grief and beyond. Loved starting the night with your off-the-cuff-six-word-stories based on the prompt where are you coming from? Here are a few highlights:

  • Boog (she, her, me) Eating second round kelp pasta now

  • LisaYay The land of Yay and honey

  • Anna (she/her) Outside, air is poison. SLAM! Phewwwwwwwwww

  • Charlie(she) & Ultimus(he) Sliding home from the sunset playground

  • Sophie Veering through city streets, head emptying

  • Ellen (Chocolate Pronouns—Her/She) Coming from Zoom meetings and snacks

  • Day & Eliana relaxation, love, nature, transparency, challenge, adventures

  • Grace and Molly ft. Mango Emerged from the womb, it’s bright.

  • Ellen Barry (she/her) Just trying to be present today

  • Darcy Lee I am coming from excitement, giggle

  • Chris Bedroom office to living room, exciting!

  • Faith Hanna (she/her) With much joy for sharing stories.

  • Boog (she, her, me) Glad to join, usually busy Thursday eves!

  • Sophie Aidan Kinsella herself? moving worlds undulating

  • Boog (she, her, me) Settling in, fabulous to see everyone!

  • Marie sitting, comfy chair in bathrobe


...the feeling is mutual, y'all!

Below is The Box Archetype card (by Kim Kranz) Chris pulled and more info about its meaning. I'd love to hear how the concept of the box may have added an additional dimension to your experience tonight. I read each and every email you send. Don't be shy!

Faith's piece made me think of two things; this Rilke quote in the image above, and Loretta Ross, a "radical Black feminist, activist, and public intellectual. She’s a Visiting Associate Professor at Smith College and teaches a course called, Calling in the Calling Out Culture. She believes that calling out is adding too much toxicity to the discourse and alienating people who might otherwise be allies. Instead, she believes in calling in, which steadfastly insists on a large measure of grace, and rejects the impulse to dehumanize." I learned about her on the Ten Percent Happier podcast and hope you'll listen to this very rewarding episode. Thanks, Faith, for continuing to share your questions with us!


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