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Read our six-word stories now!

During our recent STORY at Home events, we've been playing with the six-word story form. Read on for some of the tiny stories we've recently shared.

Molly: Deeply desiring connection, I made this.

Patterns unfold; no time for silence.

Bart: Another smile, another tear, another Story.

Andrea: Cloudless Blue Wind Sun Sacramento Delta.

Boog: Mom squished banana all over me.

Life is great, this too passes.

Life sucks, this too will pass.

Chris Connolly. Very cute, with cat.

Anna Marie: Sun is setting, I’ll go.

Ria: My past … coming home 2 roost.

Leslie: Blue tones are ringing softly today.

Katie: I’m so excited; it’s gonna happen.

Angie: New niece in time of woe.

Be kind. It’s you I like.

Aidan: She takes my breath away, everyday.

With math its all about hands.

Erin: I listen and I'm in love.

Clare: It really shouldn’t be a surprise.

If I cry, it’s worth asking.

Nancy: Six word story. here it is.

Thanks, Molly. I love your leadership.

Oh whoops. Those are two stories.

Mike:    Where is your freedom? Maybe inside…

Anna:    This has been so healing, everyone.

Chris:    Ever upward, I conquered false summits. 

Boog:    Molly Story enchants enhances us all.

Deborah:    Trauma and pain translated into love.

Natalie:    My goddess lives within my womb.

Maria:    Falling in love, again and again.

Peggeth:    Caught like an animal, murder, outrage.

Nancy:    Thank you, friends, for showing up.

Abby:    Story night, lights up my life.

Vicki:    This is such delicious medicine thanks!

Have a six-word or five-minute or novel-length story or something in between? STORY events are on-going. Join us! We'd love to see you there.

Not sure if you have a story to share? You don't have to do it alone. Send us an email and let's discover your story, together.


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