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What People Say

"...the stories - of vulnerability and strength and resilience - feel like personal gifts." -Margaret 

"Molly’s guidance helped me quickly move through shame and fear to easily and excitedly create the vision of the project we were discussing. I left our call feeling empowered, energized, and galvanized to move forward with the next steps. Thank you Molly!" -Lisa

" was the trust generated in that room that was so special-good for me. You gathered and ever so skillfully animated a bunch of wonderful, articulate, brave people to create a microcosm of real, honoring the fundamental way humans communicate and connect in stories. I could almost see the lines of communication being woven, enveloping us into a social blanket that holds the human heart-family. That was unadulterated soul food." -Mia

"Molly weaves a space at Story that allows both the individual and all of those witnessing to feel what it truly means to connect. Authenticity, vulnerability and true transparency are the threads that tie us all together and Molly and STORY do a beautiful job opening up that portal where we can all feel, really FEEL, our mutual connection. Come and be a witness or weave a tale of your own, you'll feel truly connected and alive." -Mike

"It was the first time I experienced listening to a diversity of vulnerable stories in such a safe space. STORY was also the first place where I shared my own story, and was huge catalyst for the work I do today." -Kristin

"Attending STORY so clearly demonstrates the need for community and space to share our stories and connect through them.  These events remind me of our likeness, our oneness, that we are all in this together." -KJ

"Such a varied audience and I got to hear stories from people who I normally don't get to interact with. People with backgrounds different than mine." -Anon

STORY is an EXPERIENCE-a gathering where we come together to learn bravery. The supportive energy of the collective grants permission for each of us to stand in the light of our individual truth.


I know when it's hard to motivate myself to leave the house to get there my mood will shift once I arrive and settle in. And it always does. Every time I watch someone being brave, vulnerable, funny and wise -- sometimes all at once. And when it's over I leave thinking to myself..."ok -- what story do I have to share and when am I going to get up there and do that..." AND... that Molly ROCKS!  -Jen

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