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Stickies For Your Stories

I'm getting ready to do a story workshop for Women Catalysts, a community created to inspire more women to action, through events that exemplify the values of showing up, being curious, collaborating, and celebrating. Over the years I've loved their Catalyst Conversations and Lightening Talks, events where I've practiced using my own voice. It's exciting to now be leading a workshop for them, to increase the impact of the stories their members are telling. In preparation, I took my own medicine and used my tried and true story framework to play with my own story. So that during the workshop I can first share my story as an example, and then guide participants to apply my framework to their own story. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, it's helpful to use sticky notes as a tool; to play with moving the pieces of the story around within this structure. Below is a peek behind the scenes, of what my story looks like right now. Interested in learning how to map yours?


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