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Presence. Respect. Perspective.

In 2020 our monthly STORY events started happening at home! (Well, I'm not actually at home but that's another story for another time and I'm assuming you're home but you might not be so if you aren't... tell me your story!) What I'm trying to say is that STORY on Zoom means people everywhere can join us! In order to foster meaningful connection as the community expands, we agree to bring our presence, respect, and perspective. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you attend an upcoming STORY event.


What does it mean to be present during a STORY event?

-Be prepared so you can arrive on time.

-Story-sharers! You have 5 minutes. Bring your full self. No apologies. You got this!

-There is no such thing as a passive audience! Show the room you're engaged with your body language and participation to whatever degree you feel comfortable.


What does it mean to show respect during a STORY event?

Be self aware. Give and take space. For the audience that means keeping your reflections heartfelt and kind. For story-sharers that means respecting your 5-minute agreement (~750 words). This includes any introduction or context for your story. Consider just jumping right in! -More words aren't better. Slow it down. Don't rush to try to squeeze 7 minutes into 5. Pick something that's 4 minutes and allow yourself to take it slow. -Practice with a timer. Like me, you might resist this, but practice doesn't mean perfection. Practice is a way to build confidence. Replace "practice" with "play" and allow it to be your friend.


What does it mean to have perspective during a STORY event?

Stories help us navigate the world and make sense of our experiences. This holds deep importance within our human experience, especially during times of disruption and change.

-Stories, reflections, and break-outs; each is an opportunity to choose your words with care and, in each moment, reclaim the power of the stories you're telling.

-Remember that STORY events are in service of connection. To ourselves. To each other. To something bigger than us... so during STORY keep asking yourself "how am I connecting right now?" -Better words don't mean a better story. People want to hear your perspective and your voice and feel your heart. Consider not just what you say, but how you say what you say.

Remember, at STORY, as in life, we're all in this together. So whether you're experiencing the event quietly with your video off, sharing your story, offering a reflection, or participating in a breakout room (remember, all of these are possible and optional) everyone at STORY is with you. We're thankful for your presence, respect and perspective. When each of us shows up, just as we are, it helps others know that they can, too. Because our voices matter, our story is a gift and connection is the key to unlock the best in us.

Hope to see you at an upcoming STORY event!


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